Dado XPRSS Cabinet End Panel Line

Dado Xprss
The Thomas Manufacturing Dado Xprss breaks the end panel processing procedure down into individual machines. A full line consists of an Auto Feeder, Cross Dado, Gang Drill, Toe Notch, Back Dado and Auto Stacker.

By breaking these processes down into individual machines it cuts the processing time of each panel down to the longest processing procedure in the line, around 7 seconds for wall end panels (cross Dado) and 10 seconds for base end panels (cross Dado).

Touch Screen Interface

Programmable Recipe Selections
Manual Cross Dado/Drill/Toe Notch/Back Dado Location Input
Continuous Run or Preset Quantity
Touch Screen

Automatic Feeding System

Feeds Panel Sizes Up To 32″ x 60″
Breakaway Pneumatic Pusher with Edge Detection Sensor To Limit Travel Distance
Hydraulic Scissor Lift with Adjustable Height Sensor
Locking Idler Rollers

Automatic Feeding System

Cross Dado Machine

Up to Five Cut Locations
Programmable Cut Length
Programmable Cut Speed
Programmable Cut Direction Climb/Power
Automatic Feeding System

Gang Drill Machine

Programmable Gang Drill Positioning
2 Gang Drill Banks Built To Customer Specifications
Manual Depth Adjustment
Automatic Feeding System

Toe Notch Machine

Programmable Notch Sizing
Two Saw Towers for Right or Left Notch Configuration
Saw Blade Adjustment for Sharpening Compensation
Scrap Removal Conveyor
Automatic Feeding System

Back Dado Machine

Programmable Saw Positioning
Single or Dual Saws
Continuous Feed Operation
Automatic Feeding System

Automatic Stacking System

Stacks Panel Sizes Up To 32″ x 60″
Powered Roller Top
Powered Outfeed Roller with Urethane Sleeve
Hydraulic Scissor Lift
Adjustable Height Sensor
Remote Control
Automatic Feeding System

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